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US AAF Type A-2

Primary and most popular leather jacket issued to members of the Army Air Force before and during World War 2. These are the most collectible type of jacket, the classic Type A-2.

Types Of Jackets We Buy

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US AAF Type B-3

The type B-3 was used by bomber crews

in higher altitude aircraft. These coats

are very heavy duty and warm!

Condition issues are a big problem with


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Jacket Related Items

We are always interested in any related items that were issued to bomber and fighter pilots. Photos, weapons, flight gear, medals, etc.
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US Navy / Marine G-1

The classic Navy fliers jacket used from the 1940’s and still in use today! We are very interested in jackets used from the 1940’s and 1960’s. 
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Post WW2

Air Force Jackets

The US Air Force has made a lot of different coats and jackets since WW2. Many of these are now collectible today and we have customers that want them. Click here for more info!
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British & German WW2

Bomber Jackets

Not all the cool coats and jackets were made by the Americans! Click here to find out more about British and Germany bomber and fighter pilots jackets we buy.
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Flight Jackets
Authentic World War II Leather Jackets & Coats
Nation’s Attic specializes in buying and selling only 100% authentic flight jackets issued by the government. We do not buy modern day reproductions. Please feel free to call or text 316-371-1828 or email